February Update

I hope that this update finds you all well! Things are going well for me here in Wisconsin. Another term has started and I’m already feeling the strain of study come over my fellow students and me. I would simply ask for your prayers in this busy season. As is expected, middler year at Nashotah House is quite taxing with the onslaught of classes and various responsibilities and duties on campus. Moreover, lent starts this week followed by Holy Week, which is historically a busy but incredible time of year. We who are in the ordination track learn what it takes to put on the various services that lead up to Easter Sunday. It is an active participation in setting aside the various calendars the world operates on and taking up the church calendar as it follows the life of Christ.

In addition to my studies and the Lenten season, I’m going to be teaching a class on evangelism over the course of five weeks at St. John Chrysostom. I’m excited to be teaching again in the parish! I have a lot of fun engaging with parishioners with different material. The parish wants to grow and make a difference in the Delafield. They have recognized the need to love people and share the message of Jesus Christ with their neighbors. So I have the opportunity to equip them with what they need to and dialogue with them about how to be effective ministers of Jesus.

As this is the main reason why I am studying, please keep me in your prayers that I might find the energy and excitement necessary to teach and engage people, equipping them to do the work of the gospel. Pray that our time might be fruitful and that many people might become disciples of Jesus Christ through our effort.

In other news, I ran an Ultra Marathon at the beginning of the month. It was a 50k which took me six hours and four minutes to complete. I am happy to say that I still like to run. I also completed the necessary requirements to maintain my Emergency Medical Technician certification for another two years. I don’t have any direct plans to use the certification other than always being ready in case someone where to need my particular set of “life saving” skills.


Fabien Pering


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